What Sword Does Zoro Get In Thriller Bark?

In the beloved anime series, One Piece, the character Zoro is renowned for his incredible skill with a sword. Throughout his journey as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro has acquired various swords, each possessing its own unique history and abilities. One of the most notable additions to his arsenal comes in the thrilling arc of Thriller Bark. Let us delve into the story and discover the sword that Zoro obtains during this particular adventure.

Zoro’s Encounter with Ryuma

Thriller Bark, one of the most captivating story arcs in One Piece, takes place on a haunted, ghost-infested island. As Zoro and the Straw Hat Pirates find themselves entangled in the twisted events of this eerie place, they encounter a formidable swordsman named Ryuma. Ryuma, wielding an iconic sword known as Shusui, engages in a fierce battle with Zoro, showcasing his incredible swordsmanship. Although Zoro proves his mettle, he ultimately recognizes the true potential of Shusui and its significance.

Zoro’s Acquisition of Shusui

During the intense clash with Ryuma, Zoro emerges victorious, proving his strength and earning the respect of the swordsman. In an unexpected turn of events, Ryuma willingly passes his treasured sword, Shusui, to Zoro, acknowledging his skill and potential. Shusui is a legendary sword with a rich history, known for its incredible cutting power and exceptional durability. Its unique black blade and distinctive hilt make it a truly remarkable addition to Zoro’s collection.

As Zoro accepts Shusui, he not only gains an impressive weapon but also becomes the inheritor of Ryuma’s legacy. This sword holds immense sentimental value, as Ryuma was a renowned warrior in the Wano Country, known as the Samurai of the East. Zoro, being a swordsman dedicated to his craft, understands the weight of this responsibility and vows to honor Ryuma’s memory.


In the enthralling arc of Thriller Bark, Zoro’s journey takes an exciting turn as he acquires the legendary sword, Shusui. This iconic blade, passed down by Ryuma, adds an extra layer of depth to Zoro’s character and showcases his growth as a swordsman. With its remarkable cutting power and intricate design, Shusui becomes an invaluable asset in Zoro’s quest to become the world’s greatest swordsman. As the Straw Hat Pirates continue their adventures, fans eagerly anticipate the incredible battles and feats that Zoro will achieve with his newfound weapon.

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